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I have approached Dr. Asfia Fatima for achieving my weight loss goals. She has been very kind and considerate. She has designed a meal plan which was very easy to follow and it was a very well balanced diet. She has advised me skin-friendly diet. I was able to achieve my goals so easily and the plus point was my skin problems were addressed too. Very much thankful to her.

Dr. Novshabha
ENT Specialist

I am happy that I consulted NutriDietFit and got correctly diagnosed the cause of my weight loss and frequent abdominal discomfort and advised easy home made diet plans which really made my pains disappear and made me healthier and much active and helped me regaining my weight.

Dr Vijaylakshmi

I consulted NutriDietFit for my weight loss, thyroid and pcod issues. She suggested my diet plan considering my health condition as well as my work schedule as I have constant shift change. I am happy to share that her diet plan was very effective and doable too. She goes the extra mile and ensures the results are achieved. I strongly recommend NutriDietFit if someone is looking for a weight loss diet or a diet for any health issues.

Neha JaiswalIT Professional
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