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Weight loss (Fat loss)

Many nutritional deficiencies or hormonal imbalances cause weight gain.We have a holistic approach for your weight loss goals wherein you can enjoy homemade foods and still loose weight without obsessing over calories and providing what is important to the body .

Join us for a sustainable weight loss plan.

Diabetic Diet

Regular monitoring of blood sugar levels with a healthy balanced diet helps to avoid complications associated with diabetes. The diet plan for diabetes is well researched inclusion of functional foods easily available in Indian kitchens. These functional foods in right quantities can do wonders on your blood sugar levels as well as your over all health.

Thyroid Diet Plan

Hypothyroidism a hormonal imbalance that disrupts the whole metabolism and leads to weight gain, loss of hair, tiredness, anemia, water retention. On the other hand, hyperthyroidism leads to overactive thyroid gland and changes in the body. All these can be controlled by carefully monitoring the levels with a well-balanced diet plan.

PCOD Diet Plan

PCOD  known as Polycystic Ovarian Disease  is a  hormonal disorder which starts at the onset of puberty and is associated with many complications. With proper foods for PCOD we design the diet plan to reverse the condition.

Kids Diet Plan

Shape your child’s development with right nutrition in kids diet. Nutritious and wholesome diet during childhood leads to healthy adulthood.

Know your child’s nutritional status.

Weight Gain

A Healthy weight gain is the one where muscle mass increases and fat is in normal levels.  We plan diets keeping in mind the individual goals and a proper balance of all the nutrients and ensure that you don’t gain in inappropriate areas.

Pregnancy Diet

With pregnancy comes the constant does and don’ts which makes us feel deprived. It’s important you make the right choices because its  not just about you anymore.! The food a mother eats during this period is a key tool in the development of a healthy baby and the mother’s health post the delivery as well.

Cholesterol lowering plan

Eating a healthy well-balanced diet rich in essential nutrients helps to lower cholesterol levels in the body. High cholesterol levels leads to various complications such as Cardiovascular diseases, Diabetes, PCOD, gall stones, gout, fatty liver etc and this can be prevented through our customized diet plans which are good in healthy fats and a balance of all nutrients.

High blood pressure (Hypertension) Diet

High blood pressure also known as hypertension is a silent killer. A low sodium diet with inclusion of right foods would be helpful in controlling the dreadful effects of this common disease. Minute changes in lifestyle can go a long way.Join us to get more insights to get a control of blood pressure.

Post pregnancy weight loss

Thanks to our eating habits during pregnancy we end up gaining more than just the baby weight. Post pregnancy many females find it difficult regain their pre-pregnancy weight but that can be achieved with a right plan that can be followed even during lactation. It is important to rule out maternal weight gain to prevent it to become the stubborn weight. Our diet plan focuses on the nutritional needs of the mother as well as that of new born to ensure right nutrition to both.

Menopause Diet

As women reach the age of 40, many hormonal fluctuations take place in their body and it is difficult to maintain weight in this phase. There is  a decline in the natural hormones which leads to diseases later on. Join our menopause plan to guide you in the journey.

Gout Diet Plan

Pain and inflammation occur when too much uric acid crystallizes and deposits in the joints. Get a customized plan to reduce the severity.

Other Diet Plans

Diet for anemia, weight gain, Anti stress diet, osteoporosis (bone health), immunity, geriatrics, anorexia and various nutritional deficiencies is also taken care of.