Successful stories

I have approached Dr. Asfia Fatima for achieving my weight loss goals. She has been very kind and considerate. She has designed a meal plan which was very easy to follow and it was a very well balanced diet. She has advised me skin-friendly diet. I was able to achieve my goals so easily and the plus point was my skin problems were addressed too. Very much thankful to her.

Dr. Novshabha
ENT Specialist

I am happy that I consulted NutriDietFit and got correctly diagnosed the cause of my weight loss and frequent abdominal discomfort and advised easy home made diet plans which really made my pains disappear and made me healthier and much active and helped me regaining my weight.

Dr Vijaylakshmi

I consulted NutriDietFit for my weight loss, thyroid and pcod issues. She suggested my diet plan considering my health condition as well as my work schedule as I have constant shift change. I am happy to share that her diet plan was very effective and doable too. She goes the extra mile and ensures the results are achieved. I strongly recommend NutriDietFit if someone is looking for a weight loss diet or a diet for any health issues.

Neha JaiswalIT Professional

I consulted Dr NutriDietFit for my increasing weight and for my high blood sugar levels. Though I was never worried about my weight as I know it will take a lot of time for a reduction, I wanted to focus on my health and to control my blood sugar levels. Before two months my blood sugar levels used to be around 200-250m/dl and my doctor suggested me to follow a diet plan as I am prediabetic. After consulting NutriDietFit and following her diet plan, my fasting and postprandial sugars are normal and very much under control and I am happy that I don't fall in the diabetic range. She ensures that diet is planned according to our likes and dislikes with easy homemade foods. I used to have a lot of swelling in my body and many other issues which have been reduced since  I have started following the diet plan.

Razia SultanaHomemaker

I consulted NutriDietFit to suggest me diet for ulcer. Though I was on medication the results were not effective, but after following the diet for a week my pain subsided and I felt improvement in my health. NutriDietFit makes sure the diet is effective and gives health priority !!!

Sneha JIT professional

Once I move to Saudi due to fast paced lifestyle my eating habits have changed a lot and I have started putting on a lot of weight and I had started getting knee pain due to increased weight. But after consulting NutriDietFit my schedule have changed for better. She planned a diet wherein I was feeling full all the time and simultaneously lost 6-7kgs in 2 months and still loosing.My knee pain has also reduced a lot and I don't crave for unhealthy foods anymore!! She is an excellent dietitian.

Mohd ShareefOverseas Client

It was a wonderful experience meeting Dietitian NutriDietFit for weight gain sessions and the results were as amazing. With many complications such as diabetes, hypothyroidism, lactose intolerance gluten sensitivity she has managed to plan my diet gracefully. Trials on hypoglycemia was wonderful on following diet of her and from past 8months no hypoglycemic episodes and overall feeling very healthy. Very paitent in all society needs such dieticians your service is awesome God bless you dear

Sheetal DPsychologist

Due to constant weight gain I was feeling insecure and started having health issues, then a friend recommended me to Dietitian NutriDietFit for diet consultation.After following her diets I not only lost 8kgs in 2 months but also felt energetic and lighter.I never felt that I was on a diet because there were no major restrictions.I am very thankful to her for all the support and guidance.


I dint realize I was putting on weight after marriage. Due to work stress ,tension and my eating patterns caused weight gain. That's when I reached out to NutriDietFit. She kept me on a diet that was easy to follow and filling. With her guidance I started following and lost 3 kgs in a month from 71 kilos I came down to 68 and still loosing. My fasting insulin levels also became better with the diet.