Do you always feel low, stressed, depressed, sad or often lack focus on things? We often lack interest in things which we do and we feel restless. But the real question is how to tackle these emotions which barge in all at a time and leaves us perplexed? The answer to all these is Meditation. Meditation is about bringing awareness about your inner self and your surroundings. It is a practice of mind and body to increase calmness, positiveness, coping with illness and enhancing overall wellbeing.


1. Meditation increases your sense of wellbeing by enhancing your psychological and cognitive thinking.

2. Meditation improves your focus and helps to perform varied tasks which require cognition.

3. Meditation relieves stress by reducing the number of brain tissues associated with stress and anxiety.

4. Practicing meditation on daily basis helps to improve the immune system thereby reducing the diseases.

5. Meditation helps to relieve physical and emotional pain.

6. Meditation improves your decision-making ability by improving the functioning of the brain.

7. The more we involve ourselves in mediation the more we improve our memory and ability to retain information for a long time.

8. People who practised meditation on a daily basis had a lower blood pressure level according to a study in the British Medical Journal.

9. Improves Sleep: Practicing meditation helps the body to relax and trains the mind to be peaceful thereby inducing sleep.

10. According to research people who meditate regularly have an increase will power, control their emotions and understand the causes of addictive behaviours. It also helps to control food cravings.


Just by devoting 10 minutes from our fast-paced lifestyle helps to find our real inner self and to overcome all these emotions and gives us a peaceful life. You can meditate anytime and feel the difference.

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