In current pandemic situation the most common problem most of us are facing is to get sound sleep, We all are constantly juggling to get enough sleep as there is a disruption in our routines and an increased screen time.

We all know Sleep is one of the important aspects of our healthy lifestyle.

Sound sleep not only improves your concentration but also keeps you fresh and active throughout the day.

Lack of sleep increases the secretion of hormones such as thyroid stimulating hormone, testosterone, coritsol which disrupts our metabolism and leads to diseases and complications.

In addition to this Sleep deprivation leads to stress in pancreatic cells which leads to decreased insulin sensitivity and decrease glucose tolerance.

Not getting enough sleep is also associated with an increase in stress thereby releasing cortisol hormone in the blood stream and causes and increased urge to have carbohydrate rich foods leading to weight gain and many other diseases.


1.Cut down on foods such as caffeine, alcoholic drinks or soda by 2 p.m as they disrupt your metabolism

2.Avoid heavy meals for dinner as it affects your digestion and disrupts your sleep cycle.A gap of 2-3 hours between dinner and bedtime is ideal.

3.If diabetic try to maintain normal blood sugar levels by following diet and exercise. A high blood sugar level interferes with your normal sleep cycle.

4.Set up a proper sleep routine for weekdays and even weekends.

5. Avoid exercising before your sleep hours as it makes you feel excited.

6. Prevent hunger and low blood sugar level by including protein and some carbohydrate source as a bedtime snack. Usually, a cup of warm milk would be helpful as it releases the hormone melatonin which induces sleep.

7. Avoid stress, depression, anxiety by practising deep breathing exercises such as Pranayam or listening to soft music.

8. Avoid using mobile gadgets or watching television during your sleep time.

9. Sticking to the regular sleep schedule by avoiding naps in between helps to regulate circadian rhythms.

10. Talk to your healthcare provider if you address any disruption in the sleep cycle.

11.Stay updated about sleep education and good sleep practices.

12. Warm bath during bedtime helps in relaxation and inducing quality sleep.

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